Looking for a contemporary window dressing with clean lines to complete your’ Insta ready’ home? Then you arrived at the right place. The most sought-after window dress solution today is our amazing collection of Plantation Shutters. Both our shutters are customised to your window and installed by one of our installation team with experience.




Light Control

Controlling light within the home whilst protecting privacy is what plantation shutters can do best. You just simply adjust the louvers to manage the light accordingly.



The louvered shutters can be easily adjusted for complete open view, partial view or complete privacy, whatever your preference may be.


Extra Warmth

Shutters insulate your home by giving that extra layer and reducing heat loss through your windows. As a result, you may notice extra warmth in the winter without having to turn that central heating up. Thus, saving on heating bills.


Easy Maintenance

Plantation shutters require low maintenance. When properly cared for, you only need to dust and wipe finger prints.



The louver size matters because it affects your ability to view out the window, your level of privacy, and the amount of light that can come into your home. The size of the louvers also has a dramatic impact on the overall look of the shutter, and ultimately, the look and feel of your home. Size such as 63mm, 89mm and 114mm


Child Safety

Plantation shutters are free of any dangerous cords or strings providing a safer alternative to mini-blinds and drapes.